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Home    Newkirk Township Board Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:00PM, except for March, this meeting is held the last Monday of the March., all meetings held at the Newkirk Township Hall, 301 State Street , Luther.  Public encouraged to attend. 

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    MAY 19, 2014


    The regular meeting of the Newkirk Township board was held Monday May 19,  2014 at the Township Hall.  Supervisor Fansler called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.


    Present:  Supervisor Carrie Fansler, Clerk Judy Wenzel, Treasurer Sharon Gray and Trustees Richard Hall and Patti Pacola.  Also present was Deputy Treasurer Marilyn Gray.  Visitors present:  Commissioner Barbara Stenger, Roger Peel and Karen Neiger.


    Commissioner Stenger stated that the bridge at M-37 and Old M-63 will be replaced and M-63 will be closed at the end of May for three months.


    One item was added to the agenda.  Under Old Business, Cemetery Tree.


    R. Hall moved  that the agenda be approved with the addition under Old Business.  Supported by P. Pacola,  All ayes.  Motion Carried.


    R. Hall moved that the April 21, 2014 minutes and April financial report be approved, supported by S. Gray.  All ayes.  Motion Carried.


    Correspondence:  A.           Luther Fire District No. 1 April minutes

    B.           Hazardous Waste brochure for October 11, 2014

    C.           Resolution from Lake County Commissioners re Emergency 911 Final Plan with public hearing on July 9, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

    A.    FIA Card Services, $795.04, supervisor and clerk expenses

    B.     Luther Newkirk Municipal Hall, $575.27, quarterly payment

    C.     Verizon Wireless, $148.81, telephone and wireless

    D.    Roger Peel, $35.00, wireless USB adapter and service call

    E.     Allegra Cadillac, $206.94, Assessor printing

    F.      Postmaster, $49.00, stamps for clerk

    G.    Carrie Fansler, $150.86, mileage to Frankenmuth for MATS training

    H.    Great Lakes Energy, $37.38, light at 4 Mile and Kings

    I.       Consumers Energy, $12.07, light at 5 Mile and Kings

    J.       Michigan Township Association, $429.66, dues 7/14 – 6/15

    K.    Carrieville  Store,  $48.18, gas for mower

    L.     Voelker Implement, $86.57, parts for mower

    M.   R. Hall, $160.00, work at cemetery

    N.    R. Hall, $70.39, reimburse for parts from Baldwin Parts Plus



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    MAY 19, 2014


    Supervisor Fansler  moved that the bills be approved, supported by S. Gray.  Roll call vote.   All ayes .  Motion Carried.




    A.   MERS/Pension.  MERS is requesting copies of our statements from John Hancock for comparison.  C. Fansler will forward to MERS. 


    B.   Unisex bathroom.  Village is against the unisex bathroom idea.  A storage box will be built for the election equipment.  The board will get a supply list and post a work day to build.


    C.   Aerial Photography.  The Board is in support of the new aerial photography but would like a final figure before the resolution is signed.


    D.   Cemetery tree.  The tree in question is definitely on the Orlowski grave.  Because a motion was made at the last meeting that if on Orlowski grave it would be removed, the tree will be taken down between June 4th and 12th.


    Roger Peel will provide the board a list of acceptable bushes and trees for cemeteries.


    The Orlowski family will be notified after the tree is removed.




    A.   Trash Pick up.  Roger Peel was present to talk about the trash pick up scheduled for August 16th.  This year he would like to add electronic waste which would include televisions, computers, etc.  The charge to the township would be one-third of $50.00


    R. Hall motioned that Newkirk Township pay their one-third share of the $50.00 cost for electronic pick up, supported by C. Fansler.  Roll call vote.  All ayes.  Motion Carried.


    Roger also stated that a grant is being sought for tires.  He won’t know until July if tires will be part of the pick up.  If the grant is approved, the tire pick up only would be open to other townships.


    B.   Hazardous Waste Agreement.  Newkirk Township sent $500.00 in 2013.  Commissioner Stenger stated this township has always supported this effort but many other townships do not.


    Could Luther collect and take to Baldwin or could the pick up stop in Luther.  C. Fansler and Roger Peel will check on this.


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    May 19, 2014


    C.           Sale of Cemetery graves.  Larry and Michelle would like to purchase four (4) graves in Ward One, Lot 28, graves 3 – 6.


    Carrie Fansler motioned to sell four graves (3 – 6) in Ward One, Lot 28 to Larry and Michelle Lucas, supported by R. Hall.  All ayes.  Motion Carried.


    D.   Insurance Payment – Bauer.  S. Gray received a check from an insurance company for property clean up at the Mary Bauer property on May Road.  Township will hold the check until property is cleaned and then release it to Mary Bauer based on conversation with Michigan Township Association.  (It was noted that the Luther Fire Department did a controlled burn at the property on this date).


    Supervisor Fansler moved that as long as the property is cleaned up we will release the funds to Mary Bauer based on MTA conversation.  Supported by J. Wenzel.  All ayes.  Motion Carried.     


    E.   Great Start Readiness.  A meeting will be held on Thursday May 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire Barn to introduce this program.  The program is not income related and offers free services for both children and their parents.


    F.    Zoning ballot issue.  This will be on the August ballot.   According to the Michigan Township Association no public notice by the township is necessary on ballot issues.


    Public Comment. 


    Karen Neiger, Treasurer of the Fire Board, stated that the payment schedule will be available in late June.  She also gave an update on their office.


    There being no further business, C. Fansler moved that the meeting be adjourned, supported by J. Wenzel.  All ayes.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.



    Judy Wenzel, Clerk