Newkirk Township


Planning Commission survey results - August 1, 2006

Thank you Newkirk Township Taxpayers for the Questionnaire Responses!

The Newkirk Planning Commission would like to thank everyone who took the time to send back the questionnaire.  We will use the results to form a Master Plan that will fulfill your request to keep Newkirk Township a Rural and Clean area to live.

Although many of you may not know, Newkirk Township Board has implemented a “Junk Ordinance” and it is being enforced.  If you have any complaints, please relay them to the Newkirk Township Board at (231) 797-5838.  Some of the problems addressed or complaints about issues regarding State Land and Laws are out of our control, however, we will do our best to relay the message to someone who may take notice.

Below are the results of the questionnaire.  All comments are typed as written to the best of our ability as expressed by the taxpayer.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to help us fulfill your desires for a great Township.  Together we will make Newkirk Township one of the best Townships to live in.

Respectfully submitted,

Newkirk Planning Board

1) Would you be opposed to a central business district/strip mall in our township?

YES   31  29.52%
NO    73  69.52%
0.95%  No answer

2) Would you like to allow cell/phone towers in our township?

YES   82  78.10%
NO    22  20.95%
0.95%  How Many?

3) Would you like to open up our township to multiple family housing either by way of a mobile home park or condominiums/apartments?

YES   30  28.57%
NO    69  65.71%
5.83%  Condos/Apts only

4) Would you like to see more paved roads in Newkirk Township?

YES   49  46.67%
NO    49  46.67%
6.67%  No answer

5) Do you feel planning/zoning would positively impact the appearance of Newkirk Township?

YES   67  63.81%
NO    34  32.38%
3.81%  No answer

6) Would you encourage the development of industry in suitable areas of Newkirk Township?

YES   66  62.86%
NO    34  32.38%
2.86%  No answer
0.95%  For Tourism
0.95%  Depends Where & What

7) Do you feel maintaining the rural atmosphere of Newkirk Township is important?

YES   92  87.62%
NO    10  9.52%
2.86%  No answer

8) Other townships have larger/smaller lot sizes to build on. What residential lot size do you feel is sufficient to build on in Newkirk Township?

1 Acre27  5 Acres8 
1/2 Acre7  2 Acres7 
4 Acres3  100/1503 
100/2003  10 Acres2 
2 1/2 Acres1  50/150 1 
100/1001  100/3001 
100/180 1  200/2001 
208/208 1  200/3001 
300/300 1   Larger 1  
What we have works 1  No answer32 

9) Would you like to see more trails, campgrounds, or recreational areas in Newkirk Township?

YES4845.71%(Comment: Road right of ways for ORV's)
NO 44 41.90% (Better access to lakes etc & picnic facilities)
9.52%  No answer
0.95%   Campgrounds
1.90%   Recreational

10) What is your primary reason for owning property/living in Newkirk Township?

a) Rural atmosphere:   13
b) beauty:   6
c) quietness:   17
d) hunting, fishing, camping:   14
e) all of the above:   71
f) other (born/raised here):   1
No answer:   3
A place to live:   1
Trails:   1
Off road noise:   1
Family roots:   1

11) What are the top three issues that you feel Newkirk Township currently faces?

a) Piles of tires:   28
b) Desire to maintain rural atmosphere:   37
c) Junk Auto & Junk Machinery:   56
d) Lack of industry/commercial development:   36
e) Vacant older mobile homes:   55
f) Code enforcement:   29
g) Lack of resort business:   18
h) Other-Junk and trash in yards:   1
Saving forests:   1
Need auto repair place:   1
Blight:   1
Leave to community to judge:   1
Junk:   1
No answer:   10
Abandoned buildings:   1
Harassment of tourists on ORV & snowmobiles:   1
Leave people alone, thats why they are here:   2

12) What would you like to see done to preserve the natural areas, rivers, streams, and lakes in Newkirk Township?

* Enforce codes
* Property owners still have the right to do what they want on their property.
* Currently doing a fine job.
* As long as DNR don't control it.
* Zoning protection and establishment of parks.
* Clean it up!
* Michigan or "Government" whomever owns them, need to maintain them to help promote tourism to our area.
* Prevention
* Why would anyone want to build strip malls, condos etc. You might as well move into Detroit.
* Concentrate on maintaining & preserving the existing environment by budgeting accordingly. * Keep up the good work to maintain as is.
* Catch & release only areas. No motors on some smaller lakes. Restricted areas for motorized Orv's and motorcycles.
* Do just that, preserve them.
* We need more public access to lakes with no speed boats for fishing. We need more stocked lakes.
* Village of Luther sewer & public awareness of these issues.
* Clean trash & debris out of rivers and streams.
* Work with state/county/DNR etc to insure thoughtful expansion.
* Good zoning and codes that are enforced.
* Clean up the area! Establish blight policy and enforce it!
* Let nature handle this as it did years ago. Don't sell it off.
* Code enforcement
* Whatever it takes. Other townships can do it.
* Get rid of the good old boy system.
* Protect little M. River. Limit clear cutting of timber on state lands. Develop rivers and trails for tourism.
* More public control over use of these areas.
* Promote them as a resource.
* Keep them clean!
* Camping areas in designated spots only.
* Clean them up!
* Market the natural beauty to help raise money to preserve it.
* Preserve rural atmosphere, no businesses, 10 acre min to build, no new roads.
* No more clear cut of trees!
* Possibly stock fish in some lakes that seem to be fished out.
* Leave that to the DNR.
* Higher fines for dumping.
* Currently appears adequate.
* Keep the DNR from clear cutting of trees.
* Get rid of junk that is around all over.
* Set backs for construction.
* Continue with Planning and Zoning.
* What ever it takes!
* Frequent checks of water quality & enforcement of runoff regulations.
* Enforcement of standing laws.
* Nothing wrong with the way they are.
* Enforce the no dumping as it should be done. Neighbor buries lots of trash and another one has old cars, trailer (for cats)
* Stricter law enforcement of litter.
* Need more access to get rid of trash & hazard materials so it doesn't end up in woods & rivers.
* A law stating you cannot touch anything on the streams edge for 150' either way.
* Remove all unused/run-down buildings at owners expense and other junk.
* Don't make it too recreational.
* Enforcement of zoning codes.
* Community block grant application/award, with neighbors working in unity to elevate, maintain, and protect our natural resources and environment.
* If problems come up, take the issues up with the people. Get prisoners of county to pull out non-native shrubbery (vegetation) such as Russian olive bushes. County extension service should stop selling non-native vegetation.
* Clean up litter and junk in yards.
* Stop industrial/commercial development.
* Encourage owners to preserve the NATURAL surroundings.
* Is there not a general plan in effect now?
* Enforce codes
* Promote recreational activities & tourism. Prevent industrial development & casino development.
* Nothing
* Keep them natural and make sure no one litters.
* Make sure use will not degrade or damage the areas.
* More involvement with DNR.
* Eliminate the clear cut of our forests-inforce a replant of trees in these areas.
* More/better law enforcement of laws already in place to curb poaching, trash dumping, illegal use of roads by ATV's, dirt bikes, etc.
* Have the township board leave things alone.

13) What is your vision for Newkirk Township in the future?

* A peaceful place to live and respect from those who run the township.
* To stay a recreational and hunting area.
* Create more jobs.
* Be fair on taxes.
* More senior services.
* Remain very rural, family recreational growth-generate dollars with user fees.
* Clean up the disgusting mess.
* Haven't given any thought to it.
* Clean rural, resort community.
* Have better boat ramps at lakes.
* A great place to visit.
* Maintain peacefulness.
* Leaving our trees alone.
* Beautiful resort community.
* Build tourism while mainting the "rural" atmosphere. Jobs for local citizens.
* Same rural atmosphere, small factory for jobs.
* Do some clean up work and let it be as mother nature intended.
* A place that is attractive, balanced commercialization/natural, rural habitat, and enforced codes restricting excessive noise & damaging effects of ORV's.
* We enjoy as is.
* Creation of industrial/commercial parks.
* Retirement
* A clean & friendly lower property tax township.
* Managed growth to ensure future homes & recreational spaces for families & tourists.
* Keep it quiet and maintain rural atmosphere.
* rural, farm and tourist area.
* A cleaner environment.
* A resort type community-retirement living.
* Friendly and grow!
* Get the deadbeats and loafers up and running.
* A destination for tourists due to natural beauty and list of things to do. (Rivers, trails)
* A clean, rural community to live in and to visit.
* Same old town!
* Leave it alone!
* Keep it clean.
* Quiet, peaceful, old way of living.
* Keep the rural & small town atmosphere!
* Same as it was 100 years ago.
* Focus on kids. They are our future!
* Uncluttered rural area.
* Our cabin is a vacation spot-but kept neatly!
* Rural
* To have home owners/rentals to take pride in their property.
* Good I hope, but people will have to get involved to get the township cleaned up.
* Quiet atmosphere.
* More industry while maintaining a rural atmosphere.
* Some industry. Clean up junk areas, more paved roads.
* City water and sewer in Luther and multiple family housing.
* Limit development. Police the trash dumpers.
* Clean it up!
* Maintain rural environment/beauty.
* Continuous capacity. Building and sustaining growth for those who follow us.
* Maintain a clean, rural atmosphere.
* Discourage over-building.
* Retirement atmosphere.
* Recreational & tourism destination.
* Nice clean industry to move in.
* I would like it to stay the same quiet small rural township.
* Become an area you would like to live in or visit.
* Industry
* A peaceful natural rural haven for both residents, property owners and tourists.
* It would be a lot better here if people would mind their own business.
* With the State forest, lakes, rivers & streams we have, it will always be a recreational area for local people, as well as, tourists. We need to welcome tourists into the area as it helps our whole economy. Those willing to come here, spend money here and it has a "trickle-down" effect for all of us. However, there is enough non state acreage that business and industry would be great. We have enough people eager to work without them having to travel to Cadillac and other areas outside our county. The resources are here, we just need to use them!

14) Do you have any additonal questions, concerns or comments?

* I am trying to sell my property because the neighboring lot is a huge junk yard.
* We just love to come up and enjoy.
* Zoning and planning should not be so restrictive that it infringes on rights of owners and only to maintain the outcome wanted by the taxpayers! It needs to fit "our area."
* More employment opportunities for residents.
* The people who clear cut need to leave and clean all clear cut areas. They destroy and leave the area a mess with stumps and rotten trees all around.
* Thanks to the planning commission. Job well done!
* Have the DNR take it easy on people or no one will be coming here!
* Keep the yuppies out! They destroy everything.
* We have had someone come in and cut a years supply of wood on our property. Get rid of the thieves! Get rid of all the junk around the Carrieville Store area.
* Queens Hwy has been made into a dead end road and then forgotten. Taxes increase every year but we get very little if any road work. (Gravel, weed maint. Etc.)
* I'm surprised there is no bicycle reapir shop or county rubbish/garbage service pickup. People have to choose far away companies who overcharge. Thank you for this opportunity!
* Experiences: Development will ruin the very thing that brings people to the township? Rural character!
* Need to pave Kings Hwy north of N/S Newkirk Twp line to 10 Mile Rd.
* Please send survey report findings to survey participants.
* Do your job!
* I own rental property in Village of Luther!
* Lets turn our township back to what it was years ago! A game and forestry division.
* We need an ordinance regarding "junk" -old cars, washers, dryers, plubing fixtures-household items-anything you can imagine that accumulates around peoples home. It's a mess! It gives people a terrible impression.
* I come up there to get away from people and city life. If it gets like the city, I will sell and go to the U.P.
* I think dial a ride needs to take a look at the cost of operating the larger buses and consider mini vans.
* An important township goal should be to keep the natural areas prestine, limit growth and maintain the "get away from it all" charm the township still has!

**Survey results are based on 105 surveys being returned which is 12.65% of the surveys mailed out!