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301 State Street

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Luther, MI 49656


You MUST answer all questions and include all attachments, or this will be returned to you.

Please mail completed form to the Newkirk Township address above. 


Approval of a division of land is required before it is sold when a new parcel is less than 40 acres and not just a property line adjustment (Sec 102 e & I)


This form is designed to comply with Sec~ 108 and 109 of the Michigan Land Division Act (formerly the subdivision control act PA 288 of1967 as amended ~particularly by P.A 591 0f 1996 and PA 87 of 1997. MCI S60 et.seq.) Approval of a division is not a determination that the resulting parcels comply with other ordinances or regulations.


1.      LOCATION OF PARENT to be split:


      Road Name



Parent Parcel Legal Description  (DESCRIBE OR ATTACH)









Zip Code:

Phone Number:



A.  Number of new Parcels________

B.  Intended use (residential, commercial, etc.)__________________

C.     Each proposed parcel , shall have a depth to width ratio of 4 to 1 or

                                     To                    as provided by ordinance.

            D.  Each parcel has a width of (not less than required by ordinance)

E.  Each parcel has an area of       (not less than required by ordinance)

F.  The division of each parcel provides access as follows: (check one)

a) Each new division has frontage on an existing public road.

     Road name____________________

                          b) A new public road, proposed road name: ___________________________
                         c) A new private road, proposed road name: ___________________________

G.  Describe or attach a legal description of proposed new road, easement or shared driveway._______________

H.  Describe or attach a legal description for each proposed new parcel.





4.   FUTURE DIVISiONS being transferred from the parent parcel to another parcel Indicate number transferred______ (See section 109(2) of the Statute. Make sure your deed includes both statutes as required in 109(3 & 4) of the Statute.)


5.   DEVELOPMENT SITE LIMITS (Check each which represent a condition which exists on the parent parcel:

                                           Waterfront property (river, lake, pond etc.)

                                                                                                                                                                             Includes wetlands

                                            Is within a flood plain

                                            Includes a beach

Is on muck soils or soils known to have severe limitations for on site sewage system

6.    A1TACHMENTS - All the following attachments MUST be included. Letter each attachment as shown:

A.         A scale drawing that complies with the requirements of P.A. 132 of 1970 as amended for the proposed division(s) of the parent parcel showing:

(1)        Current boundaries (as of March 31, 1997), and

(2)        All previous divisions made after March 31, 1997 (indicate when made or none), and

(3)        The proposed division(s), and

(4)        Dimensions of the proposed divisions, and

(5)         Existing and proposed road/easement right-of-way(s), and

(6)        Easements for public utilities from each parcel that is a development site to existing public utility facilities, and

(7)        Existing and proposed mad/easement tight-of-way(s), and any              existing improvements (buildings, wells, septic system, driveways, etc.)

(8)                 Any of the features checked in questions number 5.

B.         Indication of approval, or pennit from ______ County Road Commission, or respective city/village street administrator, that a proposed easement provides vehicular access to an existing road or street meets applicable location standards.

C.                 A copy of any reserved division rights (sec. 109(4) of the act) in the parent parcel.

D.                 A fee of   $100.00


7.  IMPROVEMENTS - Describe any existing improvements (buildings, well, septic, etc., which are on the parent parcel or indicate none.)







8.     AFFIDAVIT and permission for municipal, county and state officials to enter the property for inspections:

           I agree the statements made above are true, and if found not to be true this application and my approval will be void.  Further, I agree to comply with the conditions and regulations provided with this parent parcel division.  Further, I agree to give permission for officials of the municipality, county, and the State of Michigan to enter the property where this parcel division is proposed for the purposes of inspection.  Finally, I understand this is only a parcel division which conveys only certain rights under the applicable local land division ordinance and the State Land Division Act (formerly the subdivision control act P.A. 288 of 1967, as amended (particularly by P.A. 591 of 1996 and PA 87 of 1997), MCL 560.101et.seq.) and does not include any representation or conveyance of rights in any other statue, build code, zoning ordinance, deed restrictions or other property rights.

           Finally, even if this division is approved, I understand local ordinaces and state Acts change from time to time, and if changed the divisions made here must comply with the new requirements (apply for a division approval again) unless deeds representing the approved divisions are recorded with the Register of Deeds or the division is built upon before the changes to laws are made.



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Application Completed Date:

Approval Date:

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