Newkirk Township Board Meeting

 October 19, 2021


The regular meeting of Newkirk Township was held Tuesday October 19, 2021, at the Newkirk Township Hall. Supervisor Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Present: Supervisor Gretchen Allan, Clerk Cheryl Fullerton, Deputy Clerk Deb Abplanalp, Treasurer Sharon Gray, Trustee Marilyn Gray, and Trustee Rick Hall.

 Visitors: Assessor Linda Monroe and Ron Monroe, Sheriff Martin, Commissioner Martin Ron DenBraber

 Visitor Comments: Sheriff Martin, gave information on the new Motor Vehicle Use Map, can be downloaded at Avenza. To date can drive has brought in $29,000.



a.       Luther Fire Board Draft Minutes of October 7, 2021

b.      Letter dated 8-26-2021 regarding Gypsy Moths, in the past the property owners were responsible for the cost of spraying, and the township assisted in partial payments. It's up     to property owners on decision having spray done.

c.       Lake County Brine meeting 10-26-2021

d.      Consumers Energy Company Case. No. U-21131

e.       Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources

f.        Lake County reapportionment plan 2021, nothing has changed for Newkirk Township


a.      81.46               Verizon

b.      15.16               Consumer Energy

c.       6627.08           Republic Services (7600 from Fair Salvage to Newkirk Township) to be paid to Newkirk by Ellsworth Township $2,933.54     

d.      200.00             Michigan Municipal League for MML Workers Compensation Fund


e.      10.58               Gus Motzer 1-hour BOR

f.        94.92               Lake County Road Commission, Road Sign

g.      430.00             Election Source (reimbursed) Nov. School Election

h.      23.00               Deb Abplanalp, Deputy Clerk, Mileage for Ballot (reimbursed)

i.        95.14               Cheryl Fullerton 9 Hours Processing AV Ballots (reimbursed)

j.        52.86               Debra Abplanalp, Deputy Clerk, 5 Hours Processing AV Ballots


k.      350.00             Delores Stieg Payment Return for Dorothy Dewitt Burial

l.        30.00               Gretchen Allan, Recording of Deed

m.    493.00             Mika Meyers (Marihuana Legal Fees)

n.      324.00             The Pioneer Group (Printing/Publishing Marihuana Ordinance


o.      6075.00           Baird, Cotter, & Bishop (Audit)

p.      750.00             Baird, Cotter, & Bishop (Audit, Marihuana)

q.      38.38               Great Lakes Energy

r.       16404.42         Luther Fire District No. 1 (November 1, 2021 Payment)

s.       528.61             Michigan Dept. of Treasury 3rd Quarter Liabilities

t.        2398.12           Dept of Treasury, IRS 3rd Quarter Liabilities

u.      3440.00           John Hancock USA, Annual Billing Pension Contributions

v.      177.10             John Hancock USA, Pension Adjustment Contributions


R. Hall moved to pay the expenses; S. Gray supported; roll call motion carried 5-0

 Old Business:

a.       Blite – Progress is being made on May Rd.

b.      Scoring for Marihuana Ordinance is yet to be determined

c.       Clean up of the cemetery and trailer is still underway

New Business:

a.       Designated Assessor will be tabled until next month

b.      The American Rescue Plan Act, the board is currently reviewing literature provided and will meet soon to discuss a plan for the revenue use. Possibly a special meeting.

c.       New site for the annual trash cleanup was discussed and will be tabled for next meeting.


C. Fullerton moved to adjourn; R. Hall supported; motion carried 5-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Please note any person may speak for up to 5 minutes during the visitor comments period and 5 minutes at the end. Groups of 5 or more have the option of selecting a spokesperson, who may speak for up to 15 minutes during the visitors comments period. Please refrain from making comments during the business meeting. Visitors do have another comment period at the end of the meeting as indicated above.