May 18, 2021


The regular meeting of Newkirk Township was held Tuesday May 18, 2021 at the Newkirk Township Hall.  Supervisor Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:  Supervisor Gretchen Allan, Clerk Cheryl Fullerton, Treasurer Sharon Gray and Trustees Marilyn Gray and Rick Hall.

Visitors: Commissioner Martin, Sheriff Martin, Linda Hoover, and Ron DenBraber

Visitor Comments:

Village Trustee Linda Hoover asked for the Newkirk Township Board to reconsider joining the Village and Ellsworth Township in partneringwith the recentpurchase of the Luther Elementary School.  Looking forward to possible presentation of plans at our next meeting in June.

Commissioner Martinreported that a $25,000 grant was issued to the Lake County Prosecutors Office, also that a law enforcement assisting agreement was made with local county enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Martin spoke regarding the hiring of a new Undersheriff, 4 new Marine deputies, 7 new reserves, the need of ORV part-timers, fundraisers success.  Possible donation to the Luther Museum in the next few months from the collection of returnable cans and bottles.

Agenda Approval:R. Hall moved to approve the agenda adding under new businessD.  Election computer, s. Graysupported; motion carried 5-0.

February 16, 2021 draft minutes and financial report:  R. Hall moved to approve the April 2021 minutes M. Gray supported; motion carried 5-0


Luther Fire Dist. #1 May 6, 2021 draft minutes

The Grant for Scrap tires


a.       $   115.44                Earl Raymo (LaFave burial)

b.           115.43                Earl Raymo (Dennison burial)

c.            115.44                Earl Raymo (Strandberg burial)

d.           369.40                Earl Raymo (Strieby burial)

e.       16,402.42                Luther Fire District #1 May 2021 payment

f.             152.50                Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones supervisors’ email re:  Marijuana Ordinance

g.              38.08                Great Lakes Energy

h.              81.40                Verizon

i.              203.52                Carrot-top Industries, Cemetery Flags

j.               14.94                Consumers Energy

k.             56.00                USPS Treasurer stamps (debit card)

l.             250.00                Deb Abplanalp (election inspector) reimbursed

m.          250.00                Denise Hubbell (election inspector) reimbursed

n.            250.00                Cheryl Fullerton (election inspector) reimbursed

o.           430.00                Election Source (ballot coding/creation) reimbursed.

p.           440.00                Election Source (on site testing) reimbursed

q.           190.30                Cheryl Fullerton (clerk 18 extra hours for election) reimbursed.

r.               23.00                Cheryl Fullerton (mileage) reimbursed

s.              99.96                Richard Hall mower parts from Parts Plus

t.             224.69                Richard Hall 19 cemetery hours

u.              63.25                Richard Hall mileage to Big Rapids, Baldwin for mower parts

v.            178.14                Bader & Sons Co.   mower parts


S. Gray moved to pay the expenses; R. Hallsupported; roll call motion carried 5-0

Old Business: 

Blite continued monitoring

Storage Ordinance, motion to adopt the amendment made by R. Hall, supported by S. GrayRoll call, motion carried 5-0

Marijuana application process was established, and final copy will be presented at next meeting after confirming with attorney.


New Business:                                                                

a.        Payoff of Fire Hall Loan was discussed and will remain on agenda for next meeting.

b.       Fixing of Roads, further discussion at June meeting.

c.       Cemetery tree removal, there are a few dead trees, an ad will be posted for bids, more discussionin June meeting.

Adjournment:  R. Hall moved to adjourn; C. Fullerton supported; motion carried 5-0 meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm

  Please note any person may speak for up to 5 minutes during the visitor comments period and 5 minutes at the end.  Groups of 5 or more have the option of selecting a spokesperson, who may speak for up to 15 minutes during the visitor comments period.  Please refrain from making comments during the business meeting.  Visitors do have another comment period at the end of the meeting as indicated above.