JANUARY 19, 2021


The regular meeting of Newkirk Township was held Tuesday January 19, 2021 virtually, packets were given to board members previously.  Supervisor Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present:  Supervisor Gretchen Allan, Clerk Cheryl Fullerton, Treasurer Sharon Gray and Trustees Marilyn Gray and Rick Hall.

Visitors:  Linda Monroe

Visitor Comments:  none

Agenda Approval:  R. Hall moved to approve the agenda with added items E thru J, C. Fullerton supported; motion carried 5-0.

December 15, 2020 draft minutes and financial report:  R. Hall moved to approve; M. Gray supported; motion carried 5-0

Correspondence:    ORV virtual meeting Thursday January 28, 2021 at 1 p.m.  and the Luther-Newkirk Township Municipal Hall proposed 2021-2022 Budget and January 14, 2021 draft minutes for review.


a.       77.11           Verizon

b.      13.56           Consumers Energy

c.       38.08           Great Lakes Energy

d.      545.00         Apex Software (Assessor)

e.       31.05           Cheryl Fullerton, mileage to Accountants (w2’s)            year end

f.        15932.04     Luther Fire District #1 quarterly payment due 2/1/2021

g.       16.76           Lake County Treasurer (chargebacks)

h.       1961.25       Luther Newkirk Municipal Hall 2019 2,3,4 quarterly payments

i.         3,000.00      Luther Newkirk Municipal Hall 2020 all 4 quarters payments

j.        82.67           Pummill-Promark (treasurer blue laser sheet) DEBIT CARD

S. Gray moved to pay the expenses; R. Hall supported; roll call motion carried 5-0



 Old Business:  none


New Business:

a.       An Amended Resolution to adopt the guidelines for poverty exemptions was adopted, motion made by R. Hall and supported by M. Gray motion carried 5-0

b.      An Authorization to allow Local residents to protest in writing to Board of Review was adopted, motion made by M. Gray supported by R. Hall motion carried 5-0

c.       R. Hall moved for G. Hall to contact attorney regarding the deed for property on S. State Rd., S. Gray supported; roll call vote 5-0

d.      Blite on May Rd, progress will be reviewed over the next couple months and left on agenda as Old Business.

e.       S. Gray moved to pay for Board of Review training for both Gretchen Allan and Gus Motzer, M. Gray supported; roll call motion carried 5-0

f.        Board of Review for March will be done virtually cost $175 for zoom will be split 3way between Henderson, Ellsworth, and Newkirk Townships., and a camera for computer purchased for the Newkirk computer.  R. Hall moved for purchases and S. Gray supported; roll call motion carried 5-0

g.       R. Hall moved to pay postage for Assessor’s Assessment notice mailings approximately $925.50.  C. Fullerton supported; roll call motion carried 5-0

h.       We will review of the Outdoor Storage Ordinance, placing this on Old Business for next meeting.

i.         Discussion of grave lot donation if needed.

j.        Budget Amendments:S. Gray moved to increase Building and Grounds $1400 and Liabilities $500, decreasing miscellaneous $1900 supported by C. Fullerton, motion carried 5-0


Adjournment:  C. Fullerton moved to adjourn, R. Hall Supported motion carried 5-0 meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Adjournment:  Please note any person may speak for up to 5 minutes during the visitor comments period and 5 minutes at the end.  Groups of 5 or more have the option of selecting a spokesperson, who may speak for up to 15 minutes during the visitor comments period.  Please refrain from making comments during the business meeting.  Visitors do have another comment period at the end of the meeting as indicated above.