February 16, 2021


The regular meeting of Newkirk Township was held Tuesday February 16, 2021 at the Newkirk Township Hall.  Supervisor Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:  Supervisor Gretchen Allan, Clerk Cheryl Fullerton, Treasurer Sharon Gray and Trustees Marilyn Gray and Rick Hall.

Visitors:  Linda and Ron Monroe, Sheriff Martin and Commissioner Martin and Allan Dean

Visitor Comments:

Commissioner Martin touched base on commissioners working hand in hand with the New County Treasurer and improvements.  She spoke briefly on the responsibility of County when it comes to deaths in the county and the autopsy costs.   Also, the new training facility for the Parks and Recreation in Webber Township.

Sheriff Martin filled us with tons of information from shaking down of drug houses to ORV forestry road openings, hiring of marine patrol, property checks, forming of search and rescue team.  There has been $9,200 collected in beverage returns and funds distributed throughout the county.  Watch for Awareness Patches for purchase that will be available soon, so many topics and loads of information from both Sheriff and Commissioner.

Allan Dean informed us that the Trash day will be on Saturday the 28th of August this year.

Agenda Approval:M. Gray moved to approve the agenda with added items E.Resolution for Alternate date for March Board of Review, R. Hall supported; motion carried 5-0.

January 19, 2020 draft minutes and financial report:  R. Hall moved to approve; M. Gray supported; motion carried 5-0


Luther Fire Board draft minutes of February 4, 2021

Green Peak industries, LLC Financial Statements

Lake County ORV


a.       $2827.50     Lake County Treasurer electronic data fee

b.      $15.05         Consumer Energy

c.       $77.96         Verizon Wireless

d.      $75.00         John Hancock pension

e.       $90.09         Business Card (BANK OF AMERICA) for Norton

f.        $700.00       Baird Cotter & Bishop  year end

g.       $506.00       BS&A Software

h.       $306.44       State of Michigan   liabilities

i.         $23.66         Richard Hall   cemetery maintenance

j.        $75.00         Richard Hall cemetery snow removal

k.      $38.08         Great Lakes Energy

l.         $7.25           Lake County Treasurer, chargeback 2019

m.     $309.60       BOR ads

R. Hall moved to pay the expenses; S. Gray supported; roll call motion carried 5-0

Old Business:

Blite on May Road, it appears an effort is being made, will keep on agenda and monitor.

A quick claim deed will be prepared for the property on S. State Rd. motion made by R. Hall, supported by S. Gray motion carried 5-0

M. Gray moved to table the review of the Storage Ordinance until the April Meeting seconded by S. Gray motion carried 5-0

C. Fullerton made the motion to approve the Proposed 2021/2022 Hall Budget seconded by R. Hall motion carried 5-0


New Business:

a.       M. Gray moved to approve the 2021/2022 Newkirk Township Meeting Dates; R. Hall supported motion carried 5-0

b.      R. Hall moved to approve the Brine increase to $9500, S. Gray supported roll call motion carried 5-0

c.       Trash Day (info. above)

d.      Budget Amendment:  S. Gray moved to increase Buildings and Grounds by 300 and decrease miscellaneous by 300 C. Fullerton seconded motion carried 5-0

e.       M. Gray moved to adopt the Resolution to set alternate date for the March Board of Review, R. Hall supported motion carried 5-0


Budget Review:  SALARIES

Township Supervisor - $800.00 per month

Township Clerk - $800.00 per month

Township Treasurer - $1000.00 per month

Township Trustee - $75.00 per meeting

Assessor - $1400 per month

Cemetery Record Maintenance - $100.00 per month

Deputy Clerk - $30.00 per meeting and $12 per hour for additional time worked.

Deputy Treasurer - $30.00 per meeting and $12 per hour for additional time worked.

Board of Review Members - $12.00 per hour including time spent in training/education.

Election Inspectors - a flat$250.00 per election

Sexton Winter Burials (December 1st) Burial $500, Cremation $100, Infant Burial $200…all additional $100 for holiday or weekends.

Summer Burials (April 1st) Burial $400, Cremation $75, Infant Burial $150 …all additional $50 for holiday or weekends.

Planning Commission Members - $25 per diem

Ordinance Enforcement Officer - $12 per hr.

Technology Technician Consultant - $12 per hr.

S. Gray moved to approve all listed salaries, supported by CF motion carried 5-0

Mileage – moved by S. Gray supported by R. Hall to use the IRS mileage rate of .56 per mile for the Newkirk Township motion carried 5-0

Adjournment:  C. Fullerton moved to adjourn, R. Hall Supported motion carried 5-0 meeting adjourned at 9.25 p.m.


Adjournment:  Please note any person may speak for up to 5 minutes during the visitor comments period and 5 minutes at the end.  Groups of 5 or more have the option of selecting a spokesperson, who may speak for up to 15 minutes during the visitor comments period.  Please refrain from making comments during the business meeting.  Visitors do have another comment period at the end of the meeting as indicated above.