August 17, 2021

The regular meeting of Newkirk Township was held Tuesday August 17, 2021, at the Newkirk Township Hall.  Supervisor Allan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:  Supervisor Gretchen Allan, Clerk Cheryl Fullerton, Deputy Clerk Deb Abplanalp, Treasurer Sharon Gray and Trustees Marilyn Gray and Rick Hall.

Visitors:Ron and Linda Monroe, Ron DenBraber

Visitor Comments:  none

Agenda approval and July 20, 2021, draft minutes, and financial report: R. Hall moved to approve the agenda M. Graysupported; motion carried 5-0


a.       Luther Fire Board Minutes of August 5,2021, and letter for Board Member Replacement

b.      Email from Jodi Nichols dated August 17, 2021, for possible tour of Green Peaks




  1. 76.38               Verizon
  2. 38.08               Great Lakes Energy
  3. 15.03               Consumers Energy
  4. 58.00               Mika Meyer PLC (supervisors’ emails regarding Med. Marihuana)
  5. 3,000.00          Kirsch Tree Removal (cemetery)
  6. 18.07               Lake County Treasurer (2020 chargebacks)
  7. 621.00             BS & A Software (annual service for Assessing System)
  8. 20.00               NuQnet.com   (annual Domain Renewal)
  9. 32.00               CV Kwik Mart (cemetery mower gas)
  10. 210.00             Rick Hall 17.5 mowing cemetery hours


S. Gray moved to pay the expenses; R. Hallsupported; roll call motion carried 5-0

Old Business: 

 Blite:  A second and final letter will be sent to the resident on May Road. Certified.        

  New Business:

The board will be reviewing the recent Recreational Marihuana Establishment Ordinance Amendment and address this at next month meeting.  Also,a letter for State Representative will be table until then too.

Transfers from the MRM Fund to General Fund is on hold until September’s meeting.  C. Fullerton along with D. Abplanalp will continue to compile past invoices and get final total figures and documents.

We are still seeking advice how we can use the MRM Fund. 

The correct L4029 was reviewed and signed.                                                                                      

Adjournment: R. Hall moved to adjourn; C. Fullerton supported; motion carried 5-0 meeting adjourned at 8:47pm

  Please note any person may speak for up to 5 minutes during the visitor comments period and 5 minutes at the end.  Groups of 5 or more have the option of selecting a spokesperson, who may speak for up to 15 minutes during the visitor comments period.  Please refrain from making comments during the business meeting.  Visitors do have another comment period at the end of the meeting as indicated above.